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MJ PA Hire services

MJ PA Hire

We have a large array of professional equipment and speaker cabinet configurations and can provide any sound re-enforcement system to suit any occasion or venue from a solo act in a public bar to a full concert public address system for an open-air performance. Additionally, we can provide all the necessary planning, design, and provide the crew to setup and run your event.


We can provide tailored systems to suit any venue for conference or debate. Most modern hotels have excellent facility's in their conference facilities but rarely understand sound, and most installed sound systems at these venues are often poor. we make sure your audience can hear you with clear concise reproduction of speech with our up to date systems.

Install Sound

Anywhere there is a need for quality sound reinforcement; we will recommend the best solution and provide best value for money on installs or individual items.

We will always supply the best prices on equipment and will price match and or often beat the keenest uk internet prices on any microphone, mixing desk, amp or speaker we supply.

Offering Innovative Acoustic Solutions, we supply and fit Acoustic Treatment and Insulation with a variety of Absorption, Diffusion, Bass traps, Acoustic Doors, Blankets and Anti-Vibratics in a range to suit your interior design

Live Multi track Recording

We offer live multi track recording of your performance, utilising Dante audio networking to Logic Pro X . We can record up to 44 simultaneous channels. We can provide you with the raw track recording or offer full mastering.

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