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Welcome to MJ PA Hire, a Norfolk based PA and Sound Equipment Hire Company.

We provide a range of Live Music manned P.A. Systems, P.A. Equipment and live music services for promoters, event organisers, performers and venues across East Anglia, Norfolk, Suffolk, Bedford,Cambridgeshire, Linconshire and London.

We have been involved in Live Music events and PA System Hire across the UK for the past 25 years. Our expertise is in manned PA Hire and Sound Engineering for live music events, however we also provide a range of professional sound systems for other types of events (including weddings, private parties, school concerts, and other social or corporate events).

Our equipment list incorporates the new Tannoy VQNET 60L Speaker System. Plus the Professional range - HK Audio Contour series for Sub Bass and Monitors. HK Audio Elements Systems are also utilised in our PA systems. All powered and controlled by the latest range in Lab Gruppen Amplifiers and Lake Processing. Mixing by Allen & Heath Digital Desks GLD 80 - QU-PAC and QU-24

All equipment supplied from the Speakers to Microphone cables are the best money can buy for the ultimate in reliability and professional results, Top of the range Shure and audio-technica products are utilised along with top name like LA Audio, Allen & Heath, Lab Gruppen and Lake processing, The Quality of all the equipment supplied is second to none.

Having the latest technology in speaker design, processing and amplification allows for significant and tangible benefits over many existing live sound systems and hire companies using old and outdated bulky speaker systems: sonic superiority and high efficiency means less boxes required then conventional systems.

The VQNET 60L system has the potential to be a true line array killer.

MJ PA Hire offers: *

Competitive pricing * Dedicated sound engineer * High quality professional equipment * Professional approach * Passionate about quality of service * 5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance * In house Service Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment